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Occasional Musings

cherry blossoms
I do most of my writing on other websites and write extensively in personal journals, finding pen on paper the best method of sparking creativity. Now and again, however, I’ll find a little something to share on these pages in my not-so-regular personal blog.

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Capturing Moments

Sunset at Rock Harbor, Isle Royale National Park

While I paint with words in my writing, I often can’t resist picking up my camera to capture the moment. Before I ever started selling my work, outdoor photography was a singular passion, learned over years of practice with a Nikon FE-2.

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Immersive Experiences

Sunflowers at Ortona
One of the greatest joys of the writer’s life are the moments lived in the now.  Distilling them into articles and blog posts and narrative for books is the hard work, the hours spent alone behind a computer screen or on the porch with notebook in hand.

When I’m in the now, I share my experiences through social media.

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